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The Key Purpose of this role Generate short term brewing and packaging plans to meet forecasted sales while continuously planning stocks to maximize GLY while maintaining inventory policy.

Key Outputs and Responsibilities:

  • The key accountabilities for this role include but are not restricted to:
  • Optimization of production and allocation to prevent lost sales and ensure opportunities and bottlenecks are identified early on daily basis
  • Presenting weekly and daily unconstrained production plan solved to DC level as per LCP Requirement – 1-14 Days
  • Scenario planning with various cost inventory levels – all scenarios solved for lost sales by DC
  • Main connection between Supply teams and Demand on daily basis
  • Focus on short term capability, capacity and cost while focusing on protecting service level and deliver mix and enable commercial plan
  • Translate production plans by brewery into numerical KPI’s (GLY, NST, OAE) and ensure full understanding by brewery and lines
  • Develop and publish short term brewing, distilling and packaging plans to balance demand and capacity 13th week Plan brewhouse, racking & filtration, distilling and blending to ensure adequate beer and spirits stocks to achieve packaging plan.
  • Agree, publish and monitor brewing and distilling schedules to ensure sufficient cellar stock by brand is available at all times to meet packaging requirements
  • Agree, publish and monitor packaging schedules to ensure sufficient full beer and spirit stock by brand pack is available at all times to meet actual sales demand
  • Ensure all resources i.e. materials, empties, shifts etc. are in place to execute the schedule.
Master data & transactional data management in and of software system 
  • Locations and types of locations
  • Products and their parameters such as inventory policy, procurement type, lot size, storage costs, BOM, capacity consumption, production lead time and production cost
  • Resource capability and capacity by bucket of production, storage, transportation and handling
  • Transportation policy and cost per lane
  • Transactional data fully updated such as current stock, production plan, in transit stocks, planned transfers and sales orders.

KPI’s, Routines & Reports 
  • Ensures that Daily, Weekly and Monthly Meeting routines are adhered to in line with mandatory LCP & internal guidelines
  • Ensures that processes are standardized via SOP's and work standards are monitored and improved by using Operational Work Diagnoses (OWD's);
  • Track KPI's on a daily, weekly and monthly basis in line with LCP requirements
  • Ensures that appropriate problem-solving tools are applied for out-of-range KPI's in line with LCP methodology.
  • Publish reports on time as per LCP guidelines and internal processes.
Key stakeholders
SNP Planner, Inventory Deployment, MRP Planners, Retpack Execution Specialist (Internal) ,Supply team (internal), Logistics managers (internal) Zone planning team (internal)

Key Attributes and Competencies:
  • Operational excellence and improvement bias.
  • Good communicator across all levels within and external to the organization.
  • Customer focused mindset and approach
  • Proven problem-solving skills with an ability to manage complexity and ambiguity.
  • Excellent self-management practices.
  • Proactive, energetic and committed.
  • Flexible, adaptable and pragmatic.
  • High tolerance for stress and managing the operational realities of the business.
Minimum Requirements:
  • Relevant Bachelor’s degree in Supply Chain Management, Engineering or Commerce.
  • Preferably 2-3 years working experience.
  • Knowledge of linear programming/optimization analytics advantageous
  • Experience of planning tools, techniques and accountabilities ranging from tactical planning, distribution and supplier management.
  • Proven experience with ability to influence and interface with senior stakeholders, specifically manufacturing.
  • Able to understand and interpret sales trends, manufacturing and distribution chains and to convert into appropriate production strategy


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